A lamina engine built by Ted Walls, in the UK

image 3
The basic parameters of the engine are
  1. Bore - 20mm
  2. Stroke - 18mm
  3. Hot cylinder - 14mm ID X 140mm test tube
  4. Flywheel - 75mm diameter 3 spoke
  5. Con Rod - 75mm long with ball bearing big end.
The main construction was made from aluminium tooling plate. The piston is made from Duragraph 11 graphite with an aluminium insert.
The cylinder is made from brass.

The engine ran on the first attempt using a small night light as the heat source. After 2 hours running it runs at 450 RPM with a suprising amount of torque.

Total time to make the engine was around 25 hours over 3 weeks including thinking time.

A lamina engine built by John Archibald, in the USA

image 4
The main dimensions are :
Bore = 1 inch
Stroke = 0.5 inch
RPM = 250
Heat source = Alcohol lamp
Regenerator material= stainless steel kitchen scrubbing ball.

A lamina engine built by Harrie IJzendoorn in Holland
image 5
Piston diameter 25mm, stroke 25 mm
Length of the test-tube 150 mm I.D 25 mm
material of the piston, anodized aluminium, clearance in the bronze cylinder 0.02 mm
Balbearings of the bigend and crankshaft, just from an old harddisk
Top speed of this engine is 650 RPM