Stirling engine related books

The following bibliography is not a complete listing of all books that have been published on the subject of Stirling Engines. These are books that sit on my book shelves or I have read and found both interesting and useful for building experimental engines or scale models.

Some of these books are still available, some maybe now out of print. There are several on-line book searches that can be used to pick up second hand copies. One search engine that I have used is




English language text

Allan J Organ
The Air Engine. Stirling cycle power for a sustainable future
Pub 2007
ISBN 978-1-84569-231-5

Air Engines
Pub 2001
ISBN 978-1860583385

Stirling and Pulse-tube Cryo-Coolers: The inside story
Pub 2004
ISBN 978-1860584619

The Regenerator and the Stirling Engine
Pub 1997
ISBN 978-1860580109

Stirling Engine Thermodynamic Design: Without a computer
Pub 1993
ISBN 0951808710
William Beale
Understanding Stirling Engines
Pub 1984
ISBN 0-86619-200-X
Andy Ross
Stirling Cycle Engines
Pub 1981

Making Stirling Engines
Pub 1993

Israel Urieli
David Berchowitz
Stirling Cycle Engine Analysis
Pub 1984
ISBN 0-85274-435-8
Colin West
Liquid Piston Stirling Engines
Pub 1983
ISBN 0-442-29237-6

Principles and Applications of Stirling Engines
Pub 1986
ISBN 0-442-29273-2

Jaroslav Wurm
John A Kinast
Thomas R Roose
William R Staats
Stirling and Vuilleumier Heat Pumps
Design and Application
Pub 1991
ISBN 0-07-053567-1
Graham Walker
Stirling Cycle machines
Pub 1973

Stirling Engines
Pub 1980
ISBN 0-19-856209-8

Graham Walker
James R Senft
Free Piston Stirling Engines
Pub 1985
ISBN 3-540-15495-7
ISBN 0-387-15495-7
Graham Walker
G Reader
O R Fauvel
E R Bingham
The Stirling Alternative
Pub 1994
James R Senft
Ringbom Stirling Engines
Pub 1993
ISBN 0-19-507798-9

An Introduction to Stirling Engines
Pub 1993

An Introduction to Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines
Pub 1996
ISBN 0-9652455-1-9

Robert Sier
A History of Hot Air and Caloric Engines
Pub 1987
ISBN 0-85242-900-2

Rev Robert Stirling
Pub 1995
ISBN 0-9526417-0-4

Hot Air Caloric and Stirling Engines
Vol One. A History
Pub 2000
ISBN 0-9526417-1-2

Graham T Reader
Charles Hooper
Stirling Engines
Pub 1983
ISBN 0-419-12400-4
Ivo Kolin
Thermodynamics Atlas 2
The Evolution of the Heat Engine
Pub 1972
ISBN 0-582-44602-3

Isothermal Stirling Cycle Engine
Pub 1983

Stirling Motor. History, Theory, Practice.
Pub 1991

C M Hargreaves
The Philips Stirling Engine
Pub 1991
ISBN 0-444-88463-7
James G Rizzo
Modelling Stirling and Hot Air Engines
Pub 1985
ISBN 0-85059-736-6

The Stirling Engine Manual
Volume One
Pub 1995
Volume Two
Pub 1999
ISBN 0-9519367-9-4

T.E Haynes
Book 2 of the Model Engineering for Schools Series.
John Murry, London
Tõnu Aun
Hot Air Engine Primer.

German Language text

Theodor Vieweg
Heissluftmotoren I. Funktionsmodelle
Pub 1991
ISBN 3-7883-1620-9

Heissluftmotoren II. Schiffsmodell-Antriebe
Pub 1990
ISBN 3-7883-0626-2

Heissluftmotoren III.
Bau von Betriebsmodellen
Pub 1993
ISBN 3-7883-0633-5

Martin Werdich
Stirling Maschinen
Pub 1991
ISBN 3-922-964-35-4
Dieter Viebach
Der Stirlingmotor
Pub 1998
ISBN 3-922964-70-2

French Language text

Rudy Memin
Stirling. 4 Moteurs a Air Chaud
published 2000

copies, price 95 Francs, may be purchased from :
Michel Sirop. 682 route de Servoz. 74190. Passy. France